403 Forbidden error

The 403 forbidden Error occurs when a website denies you from accessing the resource you want to access. Sometimes the same error is also referred to as 403 forbidden Nginx which is an all-purpose Nginx error meaning that the resource you have demanded from the webserver can’t be fed to you due to some reason. In case you are wondering about what does 403 forbidden mean, you should know that 403 is the HTTP status code used by the server to describe this kind of error.

There are two most likely reasons behind this error which can be from the server-side. One is because owners of the webserver may have set permissions to access their resources. The second possibility behind this issue may be that the owners of webserver have set up permission by mistake that denies your access to that website. Now that we have discussed the two most common reasons behind this 403 forbidden error, we will be discussing the solutions to all those faults below:

Refresh the page:

Many times the error 403 forbidden is a temporary error. So, before you try anything else to fix this issue, you should refresh the page you are trying to access. As you can do it on many PC’s by just F5 or you can also click on the refresh icon available on the web page you are trying to access.

Check the address you have entered in the address bar:

It is one of the most common faults behind getting this error. Sometimes, this 403 forbidden error occurs because we have entered the wrong URL while searching for a web page or a file. You should make sure the URL you have entered ends with .php, .html, .com, .org.

You should check whether the website content has been uploaded to the correct directory:

After you connect to the FTP user, go to the HTTP docs and see if there is any folder. If you don’t find this folder, you should create it. It will solve this 403 forbidden

Some times this error occurs because the index page of your website is missing:

  • This error can be resolved by uploading an index page to your HTTP docs directory.
  • In case, you have a home page but the name of that homepage is other than HTML or index.php, you should rename your homepage to index.html or index.php.

Clear the browsing cookies and cache:

The pages we visit are cached in our browser. But, sometimes it happens that the links of those websites are changes and this is not updated in our cache. We can fix this issue by clearing the browser cache in our browser. If you are using chrome, you can do it by following the steps mentioned below:

    1. After you have opened Chrome on your desktop, click on the three-dot icon available on the top-right corner of the screen.
    2. Click on the option More Tools.
    3. Then click on Clear browsing data.
    4. You can either choose the time range or if you want to delete everything, click on All Time.
    5. Tick the boxes next to options “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files”.
    6. At last, click on the Clear
    7. See if there is log in option on the website you want to visit:

There are some websites that grant access to registered users only. So, if you haven’t logged in to that website, they may deny your access to their contents which may result in 403 forbidden error. To solve this issue, try registering to that website then visit it again.

Try to contact the website:

If any of the solutions given above didn’t work for you, you should directly contact the website you are trying to visit. Contacting the website will make it clear whether 403 forbidden error is occurring because of your fault or something is wrong with the website you are trying to visit.

Check if 403 forbidden error is occurring only to you or the others as well:

You can check whether this error is occurring only to you or the others too. If others are able to visit the site that you are denied to visit then it is possible that your IP has been blocked from visiting that website. In this case, you should try to contact your Internet Service Provider. They may help you resolve this issue.

We hope you must have resolved your issue of 403 forbidden error issue but if you are unable to solve this issue by trying all the solutions mentioned above, you are always free to contact us through our website and the other contact details provided below:

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