Why is Mozilla Firefox not loading pages

Mozilla Firefox not loading pages

When you face a problem like Firefox certain web page would not open, then Mozilla Firefox may show you a server not found or unable to connect error message.

    • Other error messages that display when you try to view the website in Mozilla Firefox, website don’t load- troubleshoot and fix error messages.
    • If not any web browser can load your website on your computer, see Mozilla Firefox and other browsers cannot load websites.

If you are facing that Firefox certain web page would not open, follow the below-given steps:

  • Clear all cache and cookies on Mozilla Firefox:-

A large number of cache and cookies will impact the performance and browsing speed of Mozilla Firefox. So, by clearing all cache and cooking from your Mozilla Firefox can free some space and speed up your browsing experience by which Mozilla Firefox can load page successfully.

    • Click on the 3 dot icon to activate the menu
    • Select library > history > clear recent history
    • Set the time range to clear everything
    • Enable cache and cookies in details
    • Now, click on clear now option
  • Remove troubled add-ons:-

    As you know, other applications can slow down your computer, like that troubled add-ons also drag down Mozilla Firefox’s browsing speed. When you trouble with this problem, you should remove it to avoid Mozilla Firefox not loading pages issue.

    • Click on the 3 dot icon > add-ons
    • Find troubled add-ons in extension, theme or plugin section
    • Click on the remove option
    • Now, restart your Firefox to save the changes
  • Check for network proxy settings:-

May be sometimes, you have to check for network proxy settings when Mozilla Firefox not loading pages. Whenever Mozilla Firefox trying to enter the internet through a proxy server, then you might get error messages like “the proxy server is refusing connection” or “unable to find the proxy server”.

    • Go to the options > general panel
    • Scroll down to network proxy section
    • Click on the Settings option
    • Select no proxy if you don’t use any proxy. Or choose other options to connect the internet by using a proxy.
    • Click on the Ok option
    • Shut down about: preferences Then, all changes will be automatically saved.
  • Update Mozilla Firefox with the latest version:-

    A software update is one of the most direct and effective solutions to solve some potential problems by fixing bugs and error. Therefore, always make sure your Mozilla Firefox is updated.

    • Go to options
    • In the general section, scroll down to find Mozilla Firefox update.
    • Now, click on check for updates option

Download the updates if any available


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