How to Fix Runtime Error r6025

How to Fix Runtime Error r6025

The runtime error r6025 occurs whenever the software that you are running is forced to stop. These softwares are stopped because some components are missing or when the Operating System is not compatible with the third-party software that you are using. This problem tries to tell us that the software called a pure virtual function and the call was invalid. When the software that we are running is corrupted, we can get runtime error r6025. If there is some problem with the registry of your Windows, you can encounter this issue. Now that are aware of the potential reason behind this problem, it is time you try the solution to fix this issue. Go through this blog carefully and try the solution that fits you the most:

1. Check whether your Display drivers are up to date:

Many times the runtime error r6025 problem is associated with the outdated display drivers on our PC. You can fix this issue by updating the drivers on your PC. Follow the steps mentioned below to update the drivers on your Windows PC:

  1. Open Device Manager on your PC. (you can open it by typing Device Manager in the search bar at the bottom-left corner of the screen)
  2. Right-click on Display Drivers.
  3. Select Update Driver from the Context Menu.
  4. Now, Windows will start searching for updates automatically, and the driver will be updated.

2. Reinstall the Display Drivers on your PC:

If you are getting the runtime error r6025 after updating the display drivers, you can uninstall the display drivers from your system to resolve this problem. Follow the steps mentioned below to do this:

  1. Open Device Manager on your PC as mentioned above.
  2. Select the Driver
  3. Click on the Roll Back After every rollback check which version works for you.
  4. Go to the official website of the manufacturer to install the drivers on your device.

3. Uninstall the Program from your PC that is causing this issue:

When a particular application causes runtime error r6025, uninstall that program from your PC. Follow the steps mentioned below to do this:

  1. Quit the program that caused the problem.
  2. Launch Task Manager on your PC while you press Ctrl + Alt + Delete.
  3. Once the Task Manager has opened, click on the Processes
  4. In the list of processes, find the process that is causing the trouble and right-click on it. Select End Process from the Context Menu.
  5. Now, close the Task Manager.

After completion of this process, follow the steps mentioned below to this software from your PC:

  1. Click on the Start icon at the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  2. Select the option Control Panel from the list of options.
  3. Now, go to the section named Programs.
  4. Click on the option Add/Remove Programs.
  5. Then, a list will open on the screen listing all the applications that are installed on your PC. From that list, find the application that is causing this problem and uninstall it.
  6. Close the Control Panel after completion of this procedure.

Once you are done with this procedure, here are some steps that may be helpful to delete the files associated with the application you just uninstalled:

  1. Click on the Start icon at the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  2. In the search bar, type Cleanmgr and then hit Enter.
  3. Select the drive where you had installed the program. Tick the box before all the options and then click on OK then click on Delete Files.
  4. Restart your PC after you have completed this process.

4. Perform a Clean Boot on your PC:

If any of the solutions mentioned above didn’t solve your runtime error r6025, you should clean boot your PC. Follow the steps mentioned below to do this:

  1. Press Start key + R to open the Run utility box.
  2. In the Run Utility Box, type msconfig and then hit Enter.
  3. Click on the General tab and then choose Selective Startup option.
  4. Now, click on the Services
  5. Tick the box before the option Hide all Microsoft Services.
  6. Click on the Disable All (this will stop all the non-microsoft services)
  7. Click on Apply then OK button to finish this process.
  8. Restart your PC after finishing this process.

Note: Whenever you are trying to modify the registry settings on your PC, you should never do it without proper knowledge about the Registry. If anything goes wrong while you do it, there will be serious consequences.

In this blog, we have mentioned every possible way to correct your runtime error r6025 on your Windows PC. If you find any difficulty in doing so, you may contact us through our website. You can also call us on our toll-free number. Our experts are available 24X7 to help you solve your issues related to PCs and Phones.

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