How do I get my printer out of error state?

In this age of computing, almost every PC user has a printer. Printers are an essential part of our daily lives. Printers have also been evolved over the past few years. They are now coming with a lot of functionalities. But the facts mentioned above don’t make printers free from faults. There are always some users who keep on complaining about Printers. Especially those who use Printers more often daily have issues with the Printers. If you are constantly getting the message of your printer is in error state, this blog is for you.

Here, we will talk about many ways to help you when your printer is in an error state. Go through this blog carefully to get rid of the message printer in error state. We will cover all the brands of printers that are facing the same issue like hp printer in error state, brother printer in error state, etc.

Fix your printer is in error state hp issue by using the Device Manager:

This is one of the easiest ways to settle the matter of printer in an error state. Follow the steps mentioned below to do it:

  1. Open the Device Manager on your PC. You can do it by following the steps mentioned below:
    • Press Start Key + R.
    • When Run Utility Box has opened on the screen, type msc and hit Enter.
  2. In the Device Manager, click on the View Tab and then choose the option Show Hidden Devices.
  3. Expand the section Ports. A list of different ports will open on the Screen. Right-click on the Printer Port and select Properties from the Context Menu.
  4. When the Printer Port dialogue box has opened on the screen, click on the Port Settings tab and then select the option use any interrupt assigned to the port and enable legacy plug and play detection.
  5. At last, click on the OK button to finish this process.
  6. After completion of this process, close the Device Manager and restart your PC.

When your PC has been rebooted, see if your printing machine is in error state or not. If you find your printer in error state even after trying all the steps mentioned above, follow the next fix given below.

Reinstall the Drivers of your printer:

For doing it, you will need to uninstall your drivers first. Follow the steps mentioned below to do it:

  1. Open Device Manager by following the steps mentioned above.
  2. Expand the option Printer by clicking on it.
  3. Now, select your Printer from the list of options, and right-click on it.
  4. From the context menu, click on the option Uninstall Device.
  5. Click no OK button when you are asked to confirm your decision.
  6. After the drivers are uninstalled from your PC, reboot your PC.

Once your PC is rebooted, Windows will install the drivers automatically. Wait until the drivers uninstalled and then check whether your printing machine in error state issue has been resolved or not.

In this blog, we have mentioned many solutions to your printer in error state issue but if any of your issues remain unsolved, you may contact us through our website. Our experts are available 24X7 to help you with all the issues related to electronic media. You can also call un on our toll-free number any time. Contact details are provided below.

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