Fix Firefox won’t open

Firefox won’t open

Many users are complaining about the Firefox won’t open. That means a lot of people cannot open the Firefox browser.  Run the browser as administrator or twice click on the icon cannot do anything. Some of them reported that they saw the loading icon of Firefox but no further activity.

The problem is not that the Firefox not showing on the screen but the issues are that it is not even starting. When you twice click on the Firefox icon then you won’t see an instance of Firefox in the task manager. One most important thing, it doesn’t show any error message so it is quite difficult to resolve.

Causes of Firefox won’t open:-

What will be the causes of Firefox won’t open after twice click on Firefox icon. Some major reasons are discussed below.

Due to corrupt files:-

I am not fully sure but most of the time all the signs point towards corruption. Sometimes, it happens that files get corrupted at their own end and there is nothing you can do about it. We dingy corrupted files as the offender behind this because of completely erasing every single thing from the system and reinstalling Firefox that fixes the issue.

Due to add-ons:-

Add-ons are a new feature of Firefox, Firefox give permission to their users to install add-ons which provide additional functionality for your browser. But there was a problem in using add-ons, add-ons can cause Firefox to mistreat as well especially if they are not coded correctly or they have some bug. So, after removing these add-ons can solve the issue.

Due to driver:-

It may also happen that the driver interferes with other applications and can arise this type of issue like Firefox won’t open. As we know the latest driver of Logitech webcam causes the issue with Firefox. So, uninstall the Logitech webcam driver that can fix the error.

Solutions of Firefox won’t open:-

  • Reinstall the Firefox:-

As we know, most of the time problem occurs due to a corrupt file. So, it will better to reinstall your browser. Generally, the solution is that, replace that file with the new one. But the problem is that it doesn’t send any message about the error, so we can’t get the idea that which file is corrupted. So, we have one option to reinstall the browser which fixes the error. Simply uninstall the available browser is not a solution. So, go through the below-given steps:

    • Press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC keys simultaneously to open the Task Manager.
    • Check for Firefox in the process list. If you find then click on Firefox and select End Task. It will make sure that there is not an instance of Firefox running because that will prevent you from uninstalling the program.
    • Press Window key and E
    • Now, type C:\Program Files in the address bar and click on enter.
    • After that, locate the Firefox folder, then right-click on that and click on Delete.
    • After that, type C:\Program Files (x86) in the address bar and click on the enter
    • After that, locate the Firefox folder, then right-click on that and click on Delete.
    • Press Window key and R
    • Now, type cpl and click on the enter button.
    • After that, locate the Firefox from the program’s list and chose it.
    • Now, uninstall the program and go through with the screen instruction.
    • Reboot it.
    • After that, go to the Firefox official website and download the latest version of Firefox.
    • When downloaded, run the newly downloaded set-up and go through with the screen instructions.
  • Remove add-ons:-

After reinstalling the new version of Firefox you still troubleshoot with error, then remove add-ons is a very good option to fix the error.

    • Click and hold the SHIFT key while Firefox is opening. By doing this, Firefox opens in a safe mode. And also you got a dialogue box asking you to confirm your actions so click Start in Safe Mode for that.
    • After opening Firefox, you will make sure that the problem is due to add-ons. So, disable all the add-ons by below-given steps:


    1. First of all, type about:addons in the address bar and clock on the enter button.
    2. Now, select the Disable button for all the add-ons on this page.
    3. After that, select Firefox.
    • Now, start Firefox and check to see it will work normally.
  • Delete Logitech webcam driver:-

    • Press Window key and R
    • After that, type devmgmt:msc and click on the enter button.
    • Now, locate and twice click on the imaging device.
    • After that, right-click on your webcam driver and uninstall it.
    • Now, reboot it.
    • Now, you can check to see Firefox works or not.

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